angle (plural: angles)

  1. (geometry) A figure formed by two rays which start from a common point (a plane angle) or by three planes that intersect (a solid angle).
    the angle between lines A and B
  2. (geometry) The measure of such a figure. In the case of a plane angle, this is the ratio (or proportional to the ratio) of the arc length to the radius of a section of a circle cut by the two rays, centered at their common point. In the case of a solid angle, this is the ratio of the surface area to the square of the radius of the section of a sphere.
    The angle between lines A and B is π/4 radians, or 45 degrees.
  3. A corner where two walls intersect.
    an angle of a building
  4. A change in direction.
    The horse took off at an angle.
  5. A viewpoint.
    Look at it from this angle.
  6. (media) The focus of a news story, either in print or broadcasting.
  7. (professional wrestling slang) In professional wrestling, a storyline between two wrestlers, providing the background for and approach to a feud.


5 letters in word "angle": A E G L N.

Anagrams of angle:

Words found within angle:

ae ag age agen al ale an ane ea ean egal el elan en eng gae gaen gal gale gan gane geal gean gel gen gena glen la lag lane lang lea lean leg leng na nae nag ne neal neg